Meet our therapists


LaVonna Hines, LMT, graduated from Lexington Healing Arts Academy in July 2019. She  received additional training in Ashiatsu in May 2022 in Asheville, NC. Ashiatsu/deep tissue is her preferred modality when working with clients. She has an interest in reflexology and any therapies that help with coping with PTSD and addiction.  When LaVonna isn’t massaging you will find her reading, watching movies and documentaries, vintage/antique shopping, hiking, swimming, traveling, petting and hugging any animal that will allow her to, spending time in nature doing almost anything, and hanging out with her two daughters. She enjoys DoorDashing and volunteering for concessions at UK and Bengals games.  



Kyle Naugle, LMT, graduated from Lexington Healing Arts Academy in February 2022. He decided to become a massage therapist because he enjoys helping others, and he has always had a fascination with the human body. Massage therapy was a path that merged those two passions together so he could help others with their physical well being. His favorite modality to offer clients is deep tissue because he enjoys the focus and attention it gives to the deeper layers of tissue. He has received additional training in Sports Massage and Chair Massage, and in the future he hopes to learn Reflexology and Cupping. When he isn’t massaging, Kyle loves spending time with his wife, two twin daughters, their dog and two cats; playing the saxophone; and traveling. You can also find him at EKU where he works as an accounting specialist. 


 Brandon Wait, LMT, graduated from Lexington Healing Arts Academy in 2023. He utilizes massage therapy for optimal functioning and healing from injuries after many years of demanding physical work in building
trades, which resulted in his deep appreciation for massage as both a healing and wellness technique. Pain and tightness in the body is something he can relate to and his innate skills of figuring out the true source of the problem and ability to do physically challenging work, makes this an exciting next career for him. He is trained and effective in deep tissue, Swedish, relation, and movement-based massage techniques. Both on and off the table he embodies a holistic approach that harmonizes the healing power of touch with a connection to the natural world. You will experience a unique touch with therapeutic expertise that creates a healing and rejuvenating experience, when you receive Brandon’s work. 


Ashton Spicer graduated from the Medical Career & Technical College in February 2020. She became a massage therapist because she wanted to be able to help people in a calming, nurturing way. She loves the therapeutic nature of massage therapy and enjoys bringing the  comfort and benefits of massage to clients’ problematic areas. In the future, she hopes to receive training in Reflexology and Thai massage. When not massaging, you can find Ashton in her garden, crocheting, or spending time with her two kids and her cats.